• Fitness Gadgets that Help You Stay Fit

    Whether you are a regular gym goer or you just want to lose a few pounds with the help of some fitness workout, having a few gadgets at your disposal will help you increase your progress. The following fitness gadgets use the latest technologies that can make a difference during your workouts and help you stay fit.

    Jawbone UP24

    This gadget is a fitness tracker bracelet that monitors a wide range of fitness parameters in order to detect a pattern and help you get the best out of your fitness workout. It monitors your exercises, your sleep habits, and your food preferences so it will make sure you sync your workout routine and your diet. Since it doesn’t come with a screen, this fitness gadget only works with a smartphone app and it connects to your phone through Bluetooth so you will always have accurate data available.

    Spree Headband

    Similar to the fitness tracker bracelet, this headband can also give you information on your fitness sessions with the difference that it also measures your body’s core temperature. It also measures the distance traveled, the speed you are going, the calories burned, and the heart rate. It’s very lightweight and comfortable to wear on your forehead since it also keeps sweat away from your eyes.

    Fitbit Aria

    For maximum fitness control, you must use a body fat analyzer that combines the utility of a scale with the functionality of a BMI monitor. Fitbit Aria tells your body fat percentage, your muscle mass, and can calculate your body mass index so you will know exactly how much fat you have lost. The device can memorize measurements of 8 different users so the entire family can enjoy its efficiency. It connects to your smartphone and allows you to set weight loss goals and lets you know when you have achieved a goal. If you are curious about the precision and performance of this body scale, you can see how that works here and get a clearer picture of how well it can monitor your body parameters compared to a regular scale.

    Amiigo Fitness

    This fitness gadget is a two-piece version of a wearable device that helps you monitor several fitness activities. The bracelet goes on your wrist and the other device in your shoe so it can capture the movements of your entire body. It determines what type of exercise or sport you are performing including, football, golf, basketball, swimming, weightlifting, or cardio fitness and it monitors your progress during each activity so you will know which one is the most intense.

    Push Wristband

    This fitness gadget has been specifically designed for weightlifters who go to the gym on a regular basis and want to keep a track on their force, speed, power balance, strength, and tempo. This wristband is very discreet and easy to wear even during the most intense workouts and it collects data that is then sent to a smartphone app. This way, weightlifters can monitor their activities and improve their performance.