• How Cardio Workouts Can Improve Your Health

    Over the past few years, plenty of scientific reports have examined the benefits of cardio exercises in our life and how cardio workouts can improve our health. Everybody knows that a sedentary life is one of the major risk factors for a cardiovascular disease including abnormal values for blood lipids, high blood pressure, obesity, and smoking. If you’ve ever wondered about how cardio workouts can improve your health, in this article, we’ve gathered for you the health benefits of several cardio equipment and exercises which will help you maintain a good health condition.

    The rowing machine

    A rowing machine is a unit designed to mimic the activity performed when rowing a boat in the water. Before you use the rowing machine, it’s recommended to get your body warmed up. Start with simple movements, wake up your muscles and then work up to the full rowing motion. This equipment helps you burn calories and lose weight. Moreover, the rowing machine is great for the heart because it engages every major muscle of your body, increasing your endurance. When you are using this type of equipment, you can increase your muscular endurance and your muscular strength. However, rowing is not without risks, because a poor phisical form can result in injury, especially to your back. For beginners, it’s recommended to ask for tips from a trainer who can ensure you’re using it properly.

    The treadmill

    Running on a treadmill will help you lose weight, relieve stress, and make your muscles and bones stronger. Moreover, it will prevent diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure, arthritis and high cholesterol. It’s recommended to have a clean bill of health before using this type of equipment because many times a fall on a treadmill is caused by a heart attack or a stroke. Moreover, if you feel any chest pain or shortness of breath, you should stop your treadmill workout.

    The stair stepper

    Once upon a time, the steppers were the greatest thing in a gym. Their popularity faded along with the appearance of the newer equipment, but if you use it right, it will still provide you with a good workout. Plenty of people use the stair steppers for loosing weight and for strengthening their muscles and bones. Moreover, there are steppers which include fitness test programs for fire fighters. Those who are able, should climb stairs wearing a heavy pack to simulate the physical strain of climbing a long, steep mountain.

  • Useful Tips for Treating Back Pain

    Almost everyone suffers from back pain at some point in their life. Fortunately, most of the pain goes away on its own after a short time. Nevertheless, there are situations when you may have more severe back pain. In this case, you have to make some adjustments in your everyday lifestyle and improve your condition. Here is what you can do.


    One of the best ways to manage back pain is to exercise. You don’t have to do any high-intensity physical activity, but an easy walk, knees to chest exercises or swimming are strongly recommended. The stimulation helps reduce the back pain and makes the injured tissues heal quicker. Try to introduce a regular exercise program so you can prevent further back pains.

    Cold and hot treatment

    At an early stage of the pain, you can apply cold and hot compresses. Alter them for 10-15 minutes and find which one works better for you. Pay attention to the way your body receives this treatment, it may be very helpful.


    Massage is another stimulant for the painful area because it warms it and increases the blood flow. Go to a specialist and start with a soft massage, then you can increase the intensity until you feel comfortable. Repeat the massage whenever you have pains or regularly, in order to prevent them.

    Sleep well

    For a better night sleep start with a good mattress. Pain can certainly affect your rest and so your perception of the pain will increase. A comfortable mattress will ease and reduce the current pain, will offer a better sleep and will prevent new pains. For those with back pain, specialists recommend a mattress in the range from medium to firm.


    After a full day of working and stress accumulated, you can rest in the bed by arranging some pillows under your knees. Try to avoid a busy schedule during the day and give yourself time to properly take care of you. Yoga can also help you relax and get rid of back pain.

    Maintain a good posture

    Keep a good posture during the daily activities and avoid putting a strain on your back. Avoid lifting heavy weights and don’t bend improperly. When you’re sitting, get a chair that keeps your back straight. Don’t forget that poor posture is one of the most common causes of back pain.


    Acupuncture is a medical technique that has been widely spread all over the world. Because it treats pain and other medical conditions. Although it may not be recommended by all specialists, it is one of the methods used to reduce the pain. It may be helpful for you.

  • Best Ways to Prevent Heat Strokes in Summertime

    When the weather gets warmer and the summer months are coming, we should all be more aware of our personal well being. Among the biggest concerns during the summertime are the increased chances of having a heat stroke. A heat stroke is a serious medical condition and it happens when the body temperature increases more than 40.6°C (105.1°F). Excessive heat is the main reason of heat strokes and this condition is also known as a sunstroke. In order to find out more about this medical condition and the best ways to prevent it, read the article below.
    Best Ways to Prevent Heat Strokes in Summertime Picture


    The main causes that lead to a heat stroke are not drinking enough fluids in hot conditions and doing any sort of physical activity such as working or exercising in hot weather. Those who are exposed to a higher risk are seniors, babies and children, people with long-term health condition, people that are ill and weakened, and people that develop outdoor activities.
    Best Ways to Prevent Heat Strokes in Summertime Picture

    Signs and symptoms

    Heat stroke is a condition that may develop over a very short period of time, or over several hours or days. When having a heat stroke, a person may feel the following symptoms:

    • headache
    • dizziness
    • tiredness and weakness
    • vomiting and nausea
    • confusion
    • agitation
    • dehydration
    • fast pulse
    • decrease in blood pressure
    • rapid breathing

    As you can see, there are many signs that can announce if either you or a person near you is having a heat stroke.
    Best Ways to Prevent Heat Strokes in Summertime Picture

    What to do

    Stay out of the heat

    Try to avoid getting out in the sun between 11am and 3pm, but in case you have no option, apply sunscreen and wear lightweight and loose clothing. Also, use the sunglasses and a cap and constantly look for places with shade.
    Best Ways to Prevent Heat Strokes in Summertime Picture

    Cool yourself down

    The best way to prevent a heat stroke is to keep yourself hydrated all the time. Drink 8-10 glasses of water and take a bottle of water with you if you’re living home. Also, you should eat cold foods, such as salads and fruits with a high water content and take a cool shower whenever you feel necessary. Moreover, avoid excess alcohol and caffeine and even if you don’t feel thirsty, try to drink water or eat something refreshing every 20 minutes.
    Best Ways to Prevent Heat Strokes in Summertime Picture

    Maintain a cool environment

    During the day, keep the windows closed and cover them if they are exposed to direct sun. At night, when the temperatures cool down, open the windows and let the cool air enter the house. You should also turn off the lights and electrical equipment that are not in use, as they generate heat. One of the best solutions is to use a tower fan as it provides a level of comfort and keeps a cool environment. This device creates a wide flow of air and it can be placed anywhere you like so you can feel the cold air. Moreover, if you want an instant little breeze, you can sit in front of it and feel a blast of cold air.

  • Strength Workout Health Benefits

    Strength training isn’t as popular as cardio training due to the fact that a lot of people, especially women, don’t inform themselves on the amazing health benefits that this type of workout actually offers. If you want to lead a healthier lifestyle by being active, read the following lines. Here you will find out which are the health benefits provided by strength training. After reading, you’ll surely be convinced about the importance of adding strength training to your daily workout routine.

    Protect bone health and muscle mass

    After puberty, we all start to lose about 1 percent of our bone and muscle strength every year. To stop, prevent, and reverse the bone and muscle loss, you should add strength workouts to your daily workout routine. Therefore, due to the increased intensity and added resistance that strength workouts offer, you will be able to protect bone health and muscle mass.

    Better body mechanics

    Strength training isn’t good just for having nicely toned muscles. If you do this type of workout on a regular basis, your balance, coordination, and posture will improve as well. Also, as you age, your balance and flexibility will gradually decrease. Therefore, make sure that you practice strength workouts even when you get older to reduce your risk of falling.

    Disease prevention

    Strength training offers many wellness benefits. In case that you suffer from arthritis, doing strength workouts will help decrease arthritis pain. If you have type 2 diabetes, this type of workout combined with a healthy lifestyle will help improve glucose control. Also, strength workouts help post-menopausal women reduce the risk of bone fractures by increasing their bone density.

    Relieve stress and fight depression

    Strength workouts elevate your level of endorphins, making you feel great when you’re training. This will help you relieve stress, making you feel happy and worry-free. Also, it has been shown that strength training is a great antidepressant. It helps you sleep better, improving the overall quality of your life.

    Lose weight and stay fit

    A health and beauty benefit that strength training offers is that it helps you lose weight fast. In addition, it helps maintain weight loss as well. Studies have shown that people who follow a weight-training routine at least 3 times a week increase the amounts of calories that they normally burn, helping them maintain their current weight. Therefore, if you practice strength workouts, you won’t have to worry about gaining weight ever again.

  • Hidden Allergy Triggers in Your Home

    Even if you keep a clean house and you believe that there are no allergens hidden inside your home, chances are you still suffer from allergies caused by allergy triggers that you are not aware of. To help you detect and remove them, we reveal which are the most common allergy triggers hidden in your home.

    Potted plants

    If you have allergies and you don’t know which can be the cause, take a look at your potted plants and you will see where the allergens could come. Not only do plants collect dust on their leaves, but they also develop mold spores that easily spread around the house. To solve the issue, wipe your plants with a damp cloth to remove dust, place saucers underneath the pots, and avoid over-watering.

    Stuffed animals

    Children are likely to develop allergies due to the stuffed animals they constantly hug and kiss given that the plush inside these toys collects a lot of dust and dander that trigger many allergies in children. The solution is not to ban stuffed animals but to choose only those that can be washed in the washing machine at high temperatures. Wash them once a week and dry them very well before the children will play with them.

    Bad habits

    If you use to smoke indoors, you should know that you are seriously damaging your health and you should quit this bad habit. Also, if you work in a place where there is a lot of smoke, such as a bar or a factory, you should consider improving your health by using one of the best smoke air purifiers that can eliminate various types of smoke and even gas emissions that can affect your breathing.

    Your bed

    You can only imagine the amounts of dust mites hidden in your bed because these tiny things can’t be seen with the naked eye. The mattress and the pillow are huge sources of allergens and only by carefully choosing your owns you will manage to get rid of dust mites. Opt for an allergen free pillow like the bamboo pillow that allows the air to breathe inside it and repels dust mites instantly. When choosing the mattress, opt for a hypoallergenic one made of natural and safe fibers and materials that don’t allow dust mites to gather inside the mattress’ layers.


    Most of the allergies are caused by pets even if you keep them outside or they don’t shed. The real issue with pets is that they create pet dander, which are dead skin cells that trigger many allergies. Pet dander gets inside your house and hides in the most unexpected places, so the solution is to clean the air that transports pet dander into your house. Use an air purifier to get rid of pet dander and reduce the number of allergies.

    Carpets and drapes

    Many allergens are hidden in your carpets and drapes because of the thick fabrics that create the perfect environment for dust mites, pollen, and dander. To reduce the risk of allergies caused by dust mites in your rugs and drapes, wash them regularly and even consider replacing them with softer and easier to clean versions. For the floors, use a vacuum cleaner that can get even in the tightest corners and attract all the dirt and debris from the floors.

  • The Best Ways to Lose Belly Fat

    Belly fat affects many people of all ages and it’s the main enemy of those who want to look good in a tight outfit. Besides being very unpleasant, belly fat can also trigger serious health problems so it’s an issue that should be immediately solved. The following ways to rid belly fat will help you achieve the flat abdomen you have always wanted so you will flaunt any piece of clothing.

    Exercise with every opportunity

    Belly fat usually gathers if you live a sedentary life with little to no exercising involved in your daily routine. Therefore, starting to work out will be a huge step in fighting the unpleasant belly fat that can ruin your figure. Stop sitting so much and you will manage to burn up to 30% more calories as your metabolism will be accelerated and it will burn more fats. Run, take the stairs instead of the elevator, replace the car with a bike, make every activity an opportunity to exercise so you will lose more belly fat.

    Perform targeted exercises

    Belly fat is very stubborn and it can seem impossible for you to get rid of it unless you try some exercises that trigger it. The best ones are crunches that require your abs to contract and relax which leads to worked and strengthened muscles. However, there are many other exercises that imply both your lower and upper body areas and that result in firm abdomen muscles and less body fat. Try raising your legs from the ground and keeping them an inch above the ground or lift your legs high in the air in plank position so your belly muscles will stay contracted.

    Replace bad fats with good fats

    When you think about ways to get rid of belly fat, you automatically think that you must say no to any kind of fats in your diet but the secret is to turn to those that are good for your body. Polyunsaturated fats found in nuts, seeds, and fish can help you lose body fat and gain muscle mass so make sure you include them in your diet.

    Eat proteins

    Not eating enough proteins will force your body to create more insulin which result sin more body fat, especially belly fat. This is why it’s important to have as many good proteins in your meals as possible so your body will fight insulin and will reduce the amounts of fat collected. Proteins found in dairy, lean meat, and green vegetables are great for offering your body the necessary nutrients that will keep you full and slim.

  • Tips for Rich and Healthy Lashes

    Everybody knows, that our eyelashes’ purpose isn’t just to look good. They also serve as a protection for our eyes against dirt, dust, and other particles. We all have a finite number of lashes follicles, but if you are not caring for them carefully, you can lose plenty of them. We have gathered several tips for rich and healthy lashes, for every woman who wants butterfly lashes.

    The olive oil

    The olive oil is known as a natural remedy which helps you grow thicker hair. Being rich in vitamin E and K, it nourishes and adds volume to your eyelashes. This natural treatment will help your lashes grow to an optimum length. It’s recommended to massage your lashes with a simple cotton swab dipped in olive oil or with an old mascara stick. This trick will also help you maintain the dark color of your eyelashes.

    Eyelid Massage

    There are many people who don’t know this trick, but if you want to stimulate the growth of your eyelashes you just need to massage the eyelids. You can do this massage by using petroleum jelly, castor oil or a few drops of vitamin E. Massage alongside your lids in circular motions using your fingertips. It’s recommended to do this massage 5 minutes daily for a few months. Make sure to wash your hands and face before doing the massage.

    The lash growth serum

    If you want to use a lash growth serum, you should know that it works in two ways. Firstly, the active agents go through your eyelash follicles, helping the lashes grow long and thick. Secondly, it will protect your lashes from environmental pollution. This way, they will be properly hydrated and nourished. Before you use an eyelash serum treatment, read the product’s leaflet. Make sure your skin is clean, especially your eyes area. You can apply this serum before bedtime. This way the active agents can be absorbed into the lash follicles during the night. On the other hand, you can use it twice a day for better results.

    The green tea

    The green tea is another effective remedy which stimulates the growth of your lashes. This anti-oxidant helps your hair grow and become stronger, even the ones on our and it even works for the eyelashes. All you need is some cool green tea and a piece of cotton. You can also use some cooled tea bags. Dip them into the cooled mixture and put them on your eyes for ten minutes. They will improve your circulation and will help your hair growth. This treatment is also good for wrinkles and eye puffiness.

  • Indoor Air Contaminants that Can Affect Your Health

    Among all the health threats in your house, the air contaminants are the most dangerous because they are the most common and you can easily get into contact with them. To help you create a safer living environment at home, we have selected some of the most popular indoor air contaminants that can affect your health so you will know what to stay away from.

    Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

    These air contaminants are extremely dangerous and long-term exposure can even lead to death. VOCs usually come from cleansers, solvents, pesticides, dyes, disinfectants, glues, or furniture polish, so it’s best that you avoid using them indoors. If your home is old, it’s likely that it contains various harmful substances so you should consider redecorating and replacing the items that release VOCs. Use water-based paint and seals and reduce the use of chemical cleaning substances.

    Carbon monoxide

    Sometimes, the heaters you use to warm your home in the cold season or the stove you use for cooking can affect your health because of the carbon monoxide resulted after burning gas. This emission is extremely dangerous and can even become deadly if the levels in the air get too high. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid using gas heaters and you install gas detectors that will keep you safe at home.


    One of the most common and dangerous air contaminants is the dust that collects many other impurities and turns into dust mites that cause severe allergies. The worst thing about dust mites is that they are anywhere from carpets to bedding, to clothes and you can’t see them. Thick fabrics like rugs, curtains, blankets, mattresses, and pillows are the perfect environment for dust mites so you must clean them very well and replace them from time to time to make sure they stay clean.

    Mold spores

    Most homes struggle with mold problems due to increased air humidity that encourages mold spores to appear. Wet rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, or basements are the most prone to developing mold so these are the main places where you should look for. Mold usually affects fabrics, walls, and wood items that are porous and perfect for mold spores.

    How to get rid of air contaminants

    Most of these air contaminants can be easily removed with the help of a device called an air purifier that absorbs air and filters it in order to reduce the amounts of air pollutants. The air purifier can handle almost any air contaminant and can be used in any room without side effects. A great feature of air purifiers is the HEPA filter that can eliminate even the smallest impurity so the air will remain perfectly clean.