• How Cardio Workouts Can Improve Your Health

    Over the past few years, plenty of scientific reports have examined the benefits of cardio exercises in our life and how cardio workouts can improve our health. Everybody knows that a sedentary life is one of the major risk factors for a cardiovascular disease including abnormal values for blood lipids, high blood pressure, obesity, and smoking. If you’ve ever wondered about how cardio workouts can improve your health, in this article, we’ve gathered for you the health benefits of several cardio equipment and exercises which will help you maintain a good health condition.

    The rowing machine

    A rowing machine is a unit designed to mimic the activity performed when rowing a boat in the water. Before you use the rowing machine, it’s recommended to get your body warmed up. Start with simple movements, wake up your muscles and then work up to the full rowing motion. This equipment helps you burn calories and lose weight. Moreover, the rowing machine is great for the heart because it engages every major muscle of your body, increasing your endurance. When you are using this type of equipment, you can increase your muscular endurance and your muscular strength. However, rowing is not without risks, because a poor phisical form can result in injury, especially to your back. For beginners, it’s recommended to ask for tips from a trainer who can ensure you’re using it properly.

    The treadmill

    Running on a treadmill will help you lose weight, relieve stress, and make your muscles and bones stronger. Moreover, it will prevent diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure, arthritis and high cholesterol. It’s recommended to have a clean bill of health before using this type of equipment because many times a fall on a treadmill is caused by a heart attack or a stroke. Moreover, if you feel any chest pain or shortness of breath, you should stop your treadmill workout.

    The stair stepper

    Once upon a time, the steppers were the greatest thing in a gym. Their popularity faded along with the appearance of the newer equipment, but if you use it right, it will still provide you with a good workout. Plenty of people use the stair steppers for loosing weight and for strengthening their muscles and bones. Moreover, there are steppers which include fitness test programs for fire fighters. Those who are able, should climb stairs wearing a heavy pack to simulate the physical strain of climbing a long, steep mountain.