• How to Gain Muscle Mass in a Healthy Way

    The main purpose of a proper diet and workout program is to become healthier and to shape your body. Gaining muscle mass is a long road for many of us, especially if we want to do it in a healthy way. Nowadays, not only losing weight is a challenge, but also gaining weight. Why? Because you have to find out how this can be done without eating unhealthy food or without having to exaggerate with your training. Therefore, in order to put on some good weight, you may just need to respect the three key factors that will help you accomplish your goal.


    Nutrition is very important when you want to start gaining muscle mass. First of all, you have to track your calories and increase the daily intake by 200 to 500 calories per day. Secondly, you have to avoid the processed food and carbohydrates and increase your daily portion of proteins. Protein is the one that builds muscles and it can be taken from high protein foods like fish, meat, and eggs. Fats are also very important so you should aim to eat healthy fats found in foods like avocados, nuts, peanut butter or fish. Finally, you may introduce fruits and vegetables because they will help you with fiber and nutrients.


    While you are following a healthy diet, perform regular exercises that build your muscle mass. You don’t have to exaggerate with the training at the gym, so a good advice is to limit the workout to an hour. Stay focused more on the intensity of the exercises and don’t rest more than a minute. Moreover, in order to avoid the same routine, you can change the exercises and put your body under new stress, in this way, it will be forced to gain weight in the form of muscle. One of the best methods to alternate your training is to put on a weighted vest. In this way, you will be able to build muscle mass faster and turn your daily routine into a difficult one.
    As a last tip, don’t forget about the leg training, it’s very important to have a unitary muscle mass of the entire body, so keep the legs in shape.


    When you are resting, your body repairs and builds muscle, so don’t neglect this aspect. The body needs time to build muscles so it has to recover and get prepared for the next day. Therefore, sleep at least 8 hours per night.