• Is Tap Water Safe for Drinking?

    Tap water coming from the municipality is sewage water that is run through a series of cleaning processes meant to remove the dangerous and deadly impurities and microorganisms found in it. Although it sounds impossible, even after the cleaning processes, tap water still has plenty of dangerous contaminants in it, from dirt, rust, and various household resides, to chlorine and lead that can cause you many diseases. If you have been wondering whether or not tap water is safe for drinking, read the following lines and see for yourself.

    Tap water has been treated with chlorine

    In order to remove some of the impurities found in tap water, the municipality uses chlorine, a powerful disinfectant that can be dangerous for you. Although chlorine is good at killing germs and bacteria, it’s not safe for your body because it is very powerful and can damage your organs. Chlorine shouldn’t be used on tap water but it’s the most affordable and common disinfectant, so it’s added to the process of cleaning sewage water. Tap water has that strong chlorine smell and taste because large amounts of chlorine are used to kill impurities often found in tap water.

    The pipes that transport tap water are old and dirty

    Another concern regarding the safety of tap water is related to the pipes that deliver the water to your house, which are old, rusty, and dirty. All the dirt and deposits collected inside the pipes in time decompose and get into the water. Also, tap water might contain lead, a toxic material that affects the safety of tap water. Although nowadays regulations imply that the water pipes must be made of good quality materials, back in the days, the pipes were made of lead, which is a dangerous metal. Lead goes from the pipes into the water and reaches your body every time you drink tap water. Long-term exposure to lead can cause serious brain damage, especially in small children.

    Make tap water safer with a water filter

    The previous water pollutants are only two of a long list that includes heavy metals, dangerous minerals, bacteria, cysts, pharmaceutical residues, chemicals, and so on. In order to remove those water contaminants from your water and to guarantee that the water you and your family are drinking is safe, we recommend that you use a water filter. Only by using a water filter you will be sure to drink clean and safe water free of all those impurities and that can cause you no harm. The cartridges of a water filter can handle a wide range of impurities from the smallest ones to the largest, including the unpleasant chlorine odor.